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Ash-hadu ān Ia ilāha iIla-llāh, wa-ash-hadu anna Muḥammadan rasūlu-llāh

 “I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

We invite all Muslims and others who understand the need for assistance in the Janazah process to contact us and discuss the process, which has been devised to help any Muslim in need. We love our religion and have vowed our commitment to this endeavor….


Sister Nuri L. (202-940-4100) is a Notary and she has given Bury Me Muslim permisison to share her contact information. If you need your will or other documetns notarized, she charges $4, cash only.

Janazah Workshop with Certificate

We offer Islamic Janazah Workshop presentations to assist with understanding the process.

Contact us for more information.


Your card/magnet will let loved ones know your wishes and avoid guesswork, InshaAllah.



FREE Will & Testament

Download a free Islamic Will and Testament below to ensure your preference for burial will be adhered to.

Do you have a Burial Policy?

We Encourage You to Look into Halal Burial Policy Options Today


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~ Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous even after death)

~ A place for your Sadaqah, tax-exempt donations

~ Assistance with location of Masjid/Janazah Prayer

~ A place for direction and consultation

~ Pre-planning Burial Process

~ Grave Plot Arrangements


* Financial assistance based on the merit of each person’s needs.

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