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“Every Soul Shall Have a Taste of Death…” (Qur’an 3:185)


Saifullah Ibn Umar (May 2021)

Son of Deceased Client of Bury Me Muslim

Let me start by showing my appreciation to your whole organization. First off I want to thank you all and let you know that I greatly appreciate you. You don’t know how much you guys helped me out with the whole process of burying my dad. This time was so troubling for me, especially being as though I was all alone with no support from family. With no guidance in the situation and breaking down mentally and emotionally on numerous occasions, I had no other option being as though all I wanted to do was give my dad his rights as a fellow Muslim. My dad has been Muslim for over thirty years and he is who gave me my Shahadah. Therefore you can imagine what I was going through. So after reaching out to the brothers and hearing back from them and the sister, I received lots of assistance. To be honest, it was the Bury Me Muslim who got the job done. I mainly assisted them during this whole ordeal. I am sincerely grateful for Bury Me Muslim and for everything they’ve done for my father at my request. They simply heard a plea for help and came to the rescue. The entire process was so much of a learning experience for me as well and I had great teachers.

Again I would like to thank each and everyone of you all who contributed in any and all ways; from offering du’a for my dad and me to everything else you all do and did. But there’s two people I would definitely love to thank. The brother and sister who more so guided me through it all. I know it could only happen by Allah (swt) will. Al-Hamdulilah May your organization continue to prosper and May Allah reward you all.

Taquaje P. (March 2021)

Daughter of Deceased Client of Bury Me Muslim

“I just wanted to thank you for being my guide and having my back, and always willing to give me a pep talk when I was losing my faith in the process.  I learned that once I trusted you and let you guide me through this dark time you without a doubt made it happen.  I appreciate you more than you will ever know and it did bring me some type of peace knowing this is probably the closest I could make happen what he would have wanted.  Thank you so very much, you did an amazing job!”

Nakeisha Allen (February 2021)

Niece of Deceased Client of Bury Me Muslim

“I’d like to express my gratitude to Bury Me Muslim for supporting me in my efforts to bury my uncle George Rogers. My uncle unfortunately transitioned late February of 2021 and unfortunately passed without any life insurance. My family and I initially did not have the means to give him a proper burial and I, a non-Muslim, do not support cremation. However, I wanted to honor my uncle who was Muslim and ensure he got buried the Muslim way. I heard about Bury Me Muslim via a friend and decided to contact them for services. It was the best decision I have made! They were efficient, professional and very courteous throughout the entire process. They fully explained the entire Janazah step by step, from fundraising to Janazah to cemetery. It was a pleasure working with them and I HIGHLY recommend their services.

Thank you Bury Me Muslim”

Marianne J. (March 2021)

Mother of Deceased Client of Bury Me Muslim

I just wanted to again say THANK You to the ladies of Bury Me Muslim!

Not only did the community come together to help with my daughter’s burial expenses, they guided me through the whole process! I am not of the Muslim Faith but my daughter was and they helped to keep with her faith and proceeded with her wishes.  They also treated me with such love and respect. They truly took care of my family in one of our lowest moments. Again thank you and your service to others.

Dee G. (March 2021)

Sister of Deceased Client of Bury Me Muslim

“My brother was a dedicated Muslim. He was a great follower of the Quran. I was lost on how to bury my brother in which he requested from me, nearly a month before his death. Bury Me Muslim lead me in the precise direction to honor his wishes. My brother is proud of me and is resting peacefully knowing I honored him by burying him as a Muslim! Thanks so much. May Allah continue to bless all of you and the great work that you do.”


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